I Want to BE the Only Dog By Julia Cook

Ahh sibling rivalry, the scourge of every home with more than one child. The cause is unknown but the repercussions are most strongly felt. Growing up as an only child, I could not understand my friends’ discontent with their siblings. I would love to have a brother or sister. . . . Or so I thought. In a lighthearted and amusing way Ms. Cook helps children see the blessing of having their brothers and sisters. I know I didn’t like being the “only dog”.
Three dogs are the “siblings” in the story. Angus is the oldest, Chihuahua, followed by Jake a dachshund and Kirby, the baby girl and also a Chihuahua. Each fur family member shares their frustrations about the others and tells why it would be better if they were the only one. All the complaints are what are commonly heard from human counterparts. The fussing and fighting reaches a peak and the “skin” mommy (owner) calls a halt to it. She begins to share the important points children usually overlook as to the blessings of not being alone. The illustrations are super cute. I read the book to a 4 year old and she wanted to linger over each page discussing every detail in the pictures.
At the end of the book the author shares 5 tips on dealing with this familiar family matter. An excellent book for children and parents! Go to http://www.juliacookonline.com to see more of the author’s books!


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