Still Restless Conversations That Open the Door to Peace By Jan D. Hettinga

People are seeking peace in all areas of life. In our chaotic world today the search is even more intense. The author shares how we make our lives more distressed by seeking the peace we so greatly desire in all the wrong ways. The more we try the more elusive and distant it becomes. We attempt to create our own world based on what we believe will make it perfect. Of course anything we do is far from that. It takes a while for us to learn (and some never learn) that a relationship with Christ and turning control of our lives over to Him is the only way to have a peaceful, purposeful life.
The first part of the book addresses attitudes and actions toward God that will hinder us from having that tranquility and harmony within that we crave. Mr. Hettinga uses different people from the Bible that are an example of wrong approaches and shows us how to examine ourselves. I liked his illustrations showing how the “Kingdom of Self” operates differently than the “Kingdom of God.”
The second part of the books reveals what we must do to end our vicious cycle of restlessness and futilely searching. As in the first part, we learn from men and women in Scripture the ways to end our pursuit and have the peace God intended for us to. This book is not only a good study book, but it also gives you a lot of food for thought.
I received this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I expressed are my own.


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