The Body Under the Bridge, A Father Gilbert Mystery By Paul McCusker

This past year I was introduced to Father Gilbert audio CD’s I purchased at our library sale with 3 of the mysteries. I knew I was hooked! I was very happy to see a new mystery in paperback! After reading it though, I have somewhat mixed feelings.
Father Gilbert is not your average priest. He once worked for Scotland Yard as a detective and turned to the serve in the church after the death of his wife. I think his present vocation really adds to the stories. I mean who wouldn’t believe a man of the cloth? Especially one held in such high regard in the town where he lives.
The murder being investigated involves the present and the past, 200 years past that is. The deeper the case is probed, the more complicated it becomes. A young man jumps from the church tower after giving Father Gilbert a very old medallion. Not long after a bog body is found on nearby land with witnesses making it clear that the jumper could not have been at the church when he was. Was what the priest saw real? Yet the relic he held in his hands was very real.
As the story unfolds, the baffled cleric has more visions and paranormal experiences. There is a great deal of occult activity and even description of satanic rituals. It was definitely a battle between good and evil, but I did not feel as a Christian mystery that it should have been so graphic in areas of evil and violence. I do not deny that they author is a talented writer, but I was disappointed.
The audio books I listened to had mildly paranormal suggestions but were wholesome and in good taste. His past with Focus on the Family gave this book instant credibility for me, as I know their Christian standards are high. I have not given up on Mr. McCusker, because I did so enjoy his previous Radio Theater series, but I cannot recommend this one as Christian reading material.
I received this book free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have written are my own.


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