Streams of Mercy By Lauraine Snelling

The Song of Blessing series is fast becoming one of my favorites! This is the third sequel and I have read all of them! Each book centers around the town of Blessing, North Dakota in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s and its inhabitants.
The town is struck with disaster when a circus train stops in Blessing, seeking medical aid for many performers that are sick. The big-hearted people of Blessing seek to help them, especially since other towns along the track have refused to assist them. It isn’t long before the townspeople find out that they have brought a Diphtheria epidemic into the midst of them! Not only does almost every circus performer take ill but the infection begins to spread throughout the town! The death toll begins to rise and fear spreads along with it. Who will die? How many will be dead when it is done? An antitoxin, medical personnel, and supplies are coming from Chicago, but that will be days. How will the carry on?
Many towns’ people risk their lives and show great courage in not only caring for the ill but helping those in quarantine, which is most of the town! It was fascinating to read an accurate account of how early medicine fought treat and contain such a deadly disease! Though their weapons were few and suffering was great, they used what little they had and relied on God for healing. The author takes into the lives of different families and their struggles, not only with the epidemic but also other challenges they are facing. As always, Ms. Snelling brings you into the story where you experience it firsthand. I was inspired by each character’s faith and taught so much about real life in this time. Looking forward to the next book!
I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I stated are my own.


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