GG’s Journey: From Lost to Loved By Cheryl Phillips

My heart breaks day after day at the stories on the news and internet about incredible cruelty to animals. Horrific accounts of God’s creatures being treated in unbelievably coldhearted, brutal ways when they have done no harm. Unfortunately pets, especially dogs and cats, have become just another “disposable” in today’s society. They deserve to be loved and cared for just as anything that breathes and has life. In addition to our cultures lack of compassion and responsibility, certain breeds are singled out, judged, and killed simply because of scattered incidents of other dogs with serious issues.
This book is written with love and understanding of these deserted victims. It is a true story about one special one named GG. Found frightened, starving, and sick on a street in Detroit, most passed her by and ignored her. One woman saw much more, an animal worth saving and loving. Thus began GG’s journey from stray to shelter, to finding a forever home and all that went in between.
It is a moving and tender story. We all see countless accounts of rescued dogs and their happy ending adoptions but we never know of the time, hardship, and suffering they experience before they find a loving family.
Ms. Phillips writes the book in a unique way, through the eyes of GG. This helped me really relate to what these animals go through. Rescue is great, but it is only the beginning step of a long, hard journey to reach a happy ending. It opened my eyes to the fear and insecurity these poor dogs face. Food and a warm bed don’t take away the fright of new surroundings, cages, people, medical procedures, and other dogs expressing their anxiety and panic. It is a pandemonium of negative emotions.
Another very important point Ms. Phillips brings out is how misunderstood these poor dogs behavior is. Would we not snap, growl and act aggressive if we were thrown into such a circumstance? Few people recognize this as normal responses in some dogs to a traumatic situation. I have a friend that rescues dogs and she is able to “read” them. I admire how she always knows just how to approach and respond. Due to this misconception numerous dogs that have so much to give and would make a wonderful family pet, are put down as “dangerous”.
If you love dogs, I hope you will take the time to read this book. You will never look at another stray or rescue the same. This is also a great book for children to read. Not only will you be touched, but 15 % of all book sales are donated to animal rescue! Please visit their website at
I received this book free from the author. I was not required to give a positive review and the opinions I shared are my own.


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