Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh

The subject of this book is one that is very unique and that I have not seen addressed before: the empty nest and holiday traditions. Judith Winter is very disappointed. Her whole life has been her family, and holidays are especially meaningful since the have all married and moved away. Due to finances none were able to be there for Thanksgiving and called to say they won’t make it Christmas either.
Judith falls into a deep depression and feels there is no reason to keep any of the family traditions with no children or grandchildren coming. Her husband Stan does everything he can think of to cheer her up. He even enlists her best friend to help. Nothing works. He tries to recreate their old traditions together, but that just seems to stir more pain in seeing other families together.
I know holidays can be a painful time for many. At first I got really aggravated with Judith for being so selfish and having a pity party. Then as I continued to read, I realized we don’t always choose depression and sometimes it is hard to find our way out. I guess I was aggravated because she had her husband with her still, and mine died 2 years ago. When the kids couldn’t always be there, we had each other.
Stan is a jewel of a husband. He doesn’t become irritated with her for her attitude. Quite the contrary he is very concerned and wants to help but not in a pushy, “snap out of it” way. You will be surprised at the courage he shows and the sacrifice he makes to make his wife happy. Have Kleenexes on hand! A remarkable book! It will bring a smile to those facing the changes that come with an empty nest, and give insight and understanding to children who have not yet experienced. This book stays in my personal library!
I received a copy of this book free from Revell Publishers . I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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