Hiding in the Light By Rifqa Bary

This is the most powerful and incredible book I have ever read about a person’s fight to accept Christ and follow Him, no matter what the cost! I remembered reading about her plight in 2009 and following the news. It wasn’t until I was further into the book that I realized it was her. It was one thing to watch it on the news but to actually read the details of what went on is a real eye-opener.
Rifqa was raised in a strict Muslim home. She puts herself at risk even before she becomes a Christian to learn more about Christ. When she did accept Him that was when her sole focus and desire to serve the Lord 100%.
We sit in our churches; enjoy our Bibles and freedom, never once thinking about the privilege and honor we possess, taking it all for granted. I do not see how anyone can read Rifqa’s story and walk away unchanged.
She puts most Christians to shame with her thirst to know Him, her passion to worship Him freely, and her willingness to forsake everything she has ever known to follow Him. She gave up her home, family, and put her life in danger, even now to make Jesus the Lord of her life. Too many believers won’t stand for God because they are afraid they will be criticized or it might involve a small sacrifice concerning their comfort.
She was in a seemingly impossible situation but woven throughout her story was the testimony of God’s hand in guiding and protecting her. Each time it seemed she was at the end of her rope; there would be exactly what she needed to continue. So many Christians stepped out of their comfort zones and put themselves in peril just to help Rifqa. Most of them did not even know her before that moment. They are yet another living example of true, unwavering faith. I was humbled, and amazed by this young woman’s story. You will want to read this book!
I received this book free from Bloggingforbooks.com in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I expressed are my own.



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