The Memory Weaver By Jane Kirkpatrick

When a new book comes out by Jane Kirkpatrick, I am on pins and needles until I can get a copy and read it! This one is yet another 5 star book by her! She is the best at blending historical facts with fiction. With much detailed research on written accounts and records Jane brings to life Spaulding family; missionaries to the Nez Perce Indians and the rich history of the Oregon Territory where they served.
Tirelessly and with their whole hearts, Eliza’s mother and father taught and ministered to the tribe. At age ten, the mission suffered a fierce attack by the Cayuse Indians. Several people were killed and Eliza, only 10 years old, was taken captive, and had a front row seat to all the horrors that took place. This event had a massive affect upon her the rest of her life.
She suffered from what we now call PTS. Sounds or sights would trigger flashbacks and painful memories. This combined with experiencing the trauma at such a young age left Eliza confused about what actually happened. There were no counselors or medications as there is now so she developed her own ways of dealing with the problem. She leaned on her faith in God, and pure determination and grit. This haunted her even after she married and had children of her own.
The chapters alternate between her mother’s diary from that time and Eliza’s life. Between the two I could see discrepancies of her mother’s description what happened and what Eliza remembered. She is forced to face her past and her present when her husband and children move back to the very place of the tragedy. Her journey is one of healing, especially in the area of finding the truth. She comes to understand that painful memories are not always accurate, especially filtered through the eyes of a child.
This is a story of courage and suffering, from which for a time there was no escape. It is one woman’s search for peace of heart and mind. As always, through her characters, Ms. Kirkpatrick, strong messages of biblical and life wisdom. I found many I could apply to my life. This is a book you want to read!
I received this book free from Revell publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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