Hope Harbor By Irene Hannon

One man is looking for answers by running away and a woman is looking for answers by struggling to stay. Michael Hunter and Tracey Campbell are unexpectedly thrown together in their totally opposite pursuits. Both have faced the loss of their spouses in very different ways, and grappling with moving ahead. Yet they are not the only ones in the seaside town of Hope Harbor that need healing and solutions. Anna Williams, a widow, has never healed over the death of her husband and estrangement from her only son. Then there is Grace, the unwed teen and her family that desperately need relationships repaired from years of misunderstandings. God joins all of them by surprising circumstances. He uses their hurts and godly characteristics to help one another.
This is a delightful story with so many facets; romance, godly love, self-sacrifice, faith, and forgiveness. On the opposite of the spectrum there was stubbornness, pride, guilt, unforgiveness and bitterness. These myriad emotions made the characters seem real. It reminded me of how I have seen God work in my life and others by means we could never imagine. As I read the book, and was able to look into each character’s hearts and minds, and I could see where they were fighting God and trying to choose their own paths, attempting to “fix” their problems. I saw myself at times when I have not trusted Him for the results and made things so much harder on myself. Just as most people tend to do, each person had put God in a box, deciding their “impossible” situation was hopeless and refusing to give the Lord control. This book is not only extremely entertaining, but a wonderful testimony of God’s power. Can’t wait for the sequel!
I do wish the author had included the recipes mentioned in the book. Especially for Tracey’s cranberry bread!
I received this book free from Revell Publishers. I was not required to give a positive review. The opinions I have shared are my own.


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