To Everything a Season By Lauraine Snelling

 The time is 1905, in the fast growing, prosperous town of Blessing, North Dakota. 

Miriam Hastings finds herself in Blessing, to work as a nurse in a very small and primitive hospital. It is an honor and great opportunity to further her skills.  She is torn between staying in Chicago with her family, a sick widowed mother, and younger siblings and going. Her family is very poor and she decides this training will benefit them financially.  She is surprised and delighted at the closeness of the community, not only to each other but to God. At the center of the community is the Bjorklund family, immigrants from Norway.

When Trygve Bjorklund meets the nurses at the station to escort them to living quarters, he is immediately drawn to Miriam, and wants to pursue a relationship.  Miriam on the other hand wants to get her training and get home to her family.  Romance is the last thing on her mind.  Trygve doesn’t give up, and his character and strong faith gradually draw her to him.

The story drew me into the residents of the town, especially the personal lives of the Bjorklunds.  Their trust in the Lord, high standards, and meek spirits drew me to them.  I loved being a part of their daily existence.  It gave me a warm happy feeling.  The characters and story weren’t saccharinely sweet or fake.  They were very real and I was encouraged by their constant reliance on the Lord.

As peaceful as the town is, there was lots of excitement.  Losses, deaths, robberies, and even more challenges. The author follows the characters in detail in how they turn to God not matter what they face.  Miriam not only learns a lesson in what true commitment is, but also who Christ is.   She also discovers that life has a way of changing our plans. I wish the town of was a real place! I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s descriptions and challenges in practicing medicine, not only in that era but also in such a small town.  Reliance on the Lord for healing was as much a part of being a doctor or a nurse, as the knowledge, tools and medicine.

I would definitely go visit.  The book was so great and made me feel such a part of it, I was disappointed when it ended and missed the people!  A well written, engaging book!

I received this book free from the publisher from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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