The Heart of the Amish by Suzanne Woods Fisher

There have been a multitude of books written on the subject of forgiveness, but this one’s approach is very different. Forgiveness is a struggle for everyone at one time or another, and there are those that find it impossible. I found this book more powerful than those with all the “dos” and “don’ts” because the author used real life stories. The reader can relate to the people and circumstances in different accounts that will remind them of times they have not forgiven. Seeing God’s grace in action really touches your heart. You find yourself thinking, “If they can do that so can I.” In many cases the wrongs done to the person will make the personal offenses you experienced seem small and trite. The Amish have a special corner on forgiving in that they have made it a part of their foundational beliefs and worship of God. For them, it is not optional; it is a must to obey the Lord. In reading this book and in the past, I am awe struck at the magnitude of injustices they truly and completely forgive, in comparison to the small offenses most people hang on to. Each story begins with an Amish proverb. They were so profound I wanted to copy them! Some I plan to use in our church bulletin. All the testimonies were interesting and powerful. They are all followed by “Reflections of Peacemaking” and “Plain Truth”. “Reflections” asks thought provoking questions for the reader to look into their track record concerning forgiving others. Some even draw you back into people in the story comparing yourself to the one wronged and their response to being hurt. “Plain Truth” shares interesting facts about the Amish. This book touched my heart and inspired me. It is a great read for anyone, but especially if you struggle with holding grudges and not others. Everyone may not be Amish, but the Lord expects the same degree of forgiveness from us, His children. No one could ever do to us, what our sins did to Him. We owe it to Him to forgive others. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions I have shared are my own.


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