The Boy Who Loved Rain By Gerard Kelly

I am not sure even where to begin! First of all this is a dynamic, enthralling novel. I found myself putting it down only to turn around and start reading again. It is skillfully and beautifully written. I am amazed at how the author took so many serious issues, diverse characters and seamlessly wove them all into an entertaining, outstanding story.
Colom Dryden is a thirteen years old teenager. His father is a pastor; his mom is a full time home maker. His dad is a dynamic pastor of a large church and is also has sought after as a family counselor. They are the perfect family, right? Like so many families what appears on the outside is not what happens at home. Colom continues a repeating nightmare that terrifies him. So much so that his behavior has become erratic; he is about to be kicked out of his private school, and his parents are shocked to find he has a suicide plan.
Fiona, his mother is beside herself and wants to get Colom counseling. It is tearing her apart not knowing how to help her son and fearful she will lose him. She is basically handling all this on her own. David, his father, is totally absorbed in his work. He loves is son but is caught in the middle of a demanding ministry, his church’s expectations him as a pastor and his family, frustration in dealing with the problem and home, and pride. He refuses for Fiona to seek outside counseling. She is trying to hold the family together but her husband’s impatience and outbursts are driving Colom deeper into his problems and further away from his family.
In desperation she seeks out a friend from her past to help and goes to another country, determined find her son the help he needs before it is too late. Then the story really begins to unfold. Secrets begin to be revealed, opening up painful wounds.
The author deals with many difficult, frightening problems families face. Problems readers may be grappling with as they read. It also brings to light that our past must be dealt with and keeping secrets does not always protect the ones we love. You will not fail to be surprised at what is revealed!
I received this book free from Kregal Publications. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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