Praying the Attributes of God By Ann Spangler

Ann Spangler’s books are always a feast for the eyes and the spirit! I absolutely love this book and it will remain in my library to be used throughout the years. It is a wonderful 17 week Bible study that helped me dig deeper! I always want to improve my prayer life and get to know my Heavenly Father better, and this book definitely helped.
Each chapter is divided into 5 days, Monday through Friday. On Mondays you will be introduced to a specific attribute of God. Included will be Bible study with questions. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, there will be devotions guiding you in praying for the characteristic of God that week. Suggestions on the 5 parts of prayer (Meditation, Praise, Thanksgiving, Confession, and Petition) are given. These are to get you started on personalizing your prayer time. Fridays cover promises in scripture associated with God’s attribute. At the end is a section called, “Continued Prayer and Praise” with more scripture references you can use for your weekend study and prayer.
It is easy in this day and time to unconsciously develop wrong ideas about God. Our society is saturated with them. Satan has made sure. By studying the truth of Who He is, we are not only drawn closer to Him but also more grounded in biblical truth. The more we get to know anyone, especially those who are good, the more we love them and want to be with them. It is no different with God. He is the most important relationship in our lifetime to develop. That is exactly what this book puts you on the road to doing.
I found the format not only user friendly, but it also motivated me to spend time in the Word and study. The abundant scriptural references back up the truths Ms. Spangler shares. Quotes of famous Christians and the author’s personal anecdotes added to the lessons.
Ms. Spangler is one of my favorite non-fiction authors. Her talent for not only sharing God’s principals, but also helping the reader see the application to their life is a true gift. You can’t get a bad book from Ann Spangler! An exceptional book from an exceptional author!
I received this book free from the author. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
Please visit Ann Spangler’s website and see many more superb books she has written at:


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