Stolen By Katariina Rosenblatt PhD & Cecil Murphey

Sex trafficking has been around for a long time and in many countries even our own but it is growing by leaps and bounds. The number of children becoming victims has risen at a frightening rate. I wanted to read this book to know what we as a nation and families are truly up against. What I learned was surprising.
Ms. Rosenblatt very tastefully and discreetly shared her heartbreaking story of being a casualty child sex trafficking. I gained even more insight by her telling her story through her eyes as a child, their confusion, vulnerability, and innocence. Her account is one of courage and strength. She was drawn in 3 times and with the Lord’s help escaped.
This sordid business has been fueled by youth having unlimited access to the internet in emails, Facebook, private chatrooms cell phones and texting. These tools have made it easy for the traffickers to prey on our kids. I also learned that they look for certain characteristics in children they target. This means boys and girls, some as young as the age of 9, but the average age is 12 – 14 years.
She said they seek out children that are from homes of abuse, neglect, unstable marriages, and unsupervised in their activities and friends. The recruiters offer a child the love, attention, listening ear, and concern they lack and crave. After securing the child’s trust, promising them the family they always wanted, they kidnap them and force them into being sex slaves. The children are held there by force, fear, addiction to drugs and even a twisted sense of loyalty, thinking their pimps are the only ones that care about them.
This is not a mere autobiography; it goes much further. The author accepted Christ as her Savior at a Billy Graham crusade when she was 12. Just 1 year before her first involvement. Burned into her mind and heart from that night was Mr. Graham saying, “Remember this: God will never leave you or forsake you.” God was to speak this to her many times in the years to come when she did not know what to do or where to turn.
I saw a beautiful testimony of God’s love and personal involvement our lives. No matter how far we go into sin, or distant we become to the Lord, He still loves us and seeks to draw us back to Him. God never gave up on her. She shares how He rescued her and set her life on track to serve Him. She went on to go to college and obtained a PhD in conflict analysis and resolution. In addition she earned a LLM graduate law degree in intercultural human rights. The author works close with the FBI and Homeland Security to intervene and free children. In government she initiated laws to reform the labels place on trafficked youth that made them the criminals. She also established contacts with Christian groups to help children saved with physical, emotional, and many other needs to heal and live a normal life.
Every person, not just parents, that has children in their life they love and care about needs to read this book! No one can say “it won’t happen to us.” This book is a wakeup call not only to what is happening but also to the need to be very involved in our children’s lives. An excellent book!
I received this book free from Revell, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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