The Last Bride By Beverly Lewis

Being the baby of five in an Amish family of all girls and the last to marry, Tessie Miller was in a hurry to start a new life. She had just the beau in mind. She was head over heels in love with Marcus King. For some reason Tessie’s father is adamantly against her marrying him, but won’t ever tell her why. She obstinately refuses to allow him to pick her spouse, as her sister’s match was not a happy one.
Marcus and Tessie decide to elope and hide their marriage. They want to wait till the right time and when they reveal it to her parents, hopefully they will accept their union. The couple meets secretly every chance they can get. Before they can share the news with her parents, Marcus dies tragically in an accident. Not long after Tessie find’s out she is expecting. She hides her pregnancy as long as possible. When she confesses her condition and tells of her marriage no one believes her. Her marriage certificate has disappeared and she has no way of proving she is telling the truth. Tessie is shocked when she accidently finds out that her father was not just being stubborn and controlling. There was a very serious and legitimate reason he did not want them marrying, and rightfully so. During that time a kind and gentle Amish man named Levi Smucker becomes interested in her and begins asking her out. When he finds out she is pregnant will he still want to court her? Will any Amish man ever want her?
This book carries a strong message about taking things into our own hands and acting under the cloak of deceit. It also reveals that the painful consequences we face will not only affect us but all those who love and care about us. There is no escaping it. We will have to pay the price and sometimes at greater cost than we ever imagined. While it is a story of mistakes and regrets, it also beautifully shows forgiveness, true love, and courage to take responsibility for one’s mistakes. I enjoyed this book very much!
I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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