The Healing Quilt by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Elderly couple, Emma and Lamar Miller, were not only starting a new life together as a married couple, but also in a new winter home in Florida. The frigid winters of Indiana had proven too much for Lamar’s arthritis. This was a solution until warmer weather came and they could return home. In the meantime, Lamar is happy combing the beaches for shells and enjoying feeling better. All this leisure time, on the other hand, is making Emma restless. She wants to be busy doing something with purpose.
One thing she enjoyed doing in Indiana was teaching quilting classes. These classes were more than just passing on her skills; they were a ministry to her. Lamar suggests she have one at their new home. Both were anxious to see who God sent to them this time. The Lord sent 6 very different people, each facing their own heartache, to spend 6 weeks together in Emma’s class.
Erika, a teenager recently paralyzed, is learning to live life in a wheelchair. She is filled with bitterness and anger and is being force by her father to take the class. Mike is a workaholic whose business is on hold due to his charter boat needing repairs. He takes his wife’s place in the class when she is called away with a family emergency. He is another not so willing student.
B.J is retired artist who is dying of cancer. He wants to enjoy the time he has left and decides to paint pictures of Emma’s quilts
Noreen is has been a widow for 5 years and tired of being alone.
Jennifer is a young woman expecting her first child, but her husband is without a job, and they are facing financial problems.
Kim, bless her heart, is a klutzy waitress who is afraid she might lose her job.
As the Millers come to know the students and learn of their hardships, they not only prayed for each individual, but also allowed God guide them in how to minister to them. This made me think of how anything we do that brings people into our lives can be a ministry. We just have to be open to the Lord’s leading and looking for opportunities to do His work. A beautiful story unfolds showing how God worked in each student’s life in exactly the way he or she needed. There are several surprises along the way where their lives are touched in ways they never imagined.
The Millers also showed that you can stay true to your beliefs and God no matter where you are or who you meet. They were Amish and certainly had little in common with the people they taught, yet they accepted the students for who they were. They welcomed them as friends and simply loved them. In Florida, they were not living among their brethren in a protected society, but with Englishers out in the world. Not once did they appear uncomfortable or compromised in situations with people or out in public. I saw this as such a testimony of being secure in one’s faith and living what you believe. This book was very entertaining and a beautiful story.
I received this book free from Handlebar. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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