UNDER THE OVER PASS by Mike Yankoski

I was very excited to read this book and definitely was not disappointed. Two young men after hearing a convicting sermon decide to test their Christianity and see if they could be true Christians without all their physical blessings.
They choose to live homeless on the streets with no help and no contact with their families for 5 months. I have always had compassion toward the homeless but this book was a real eye opener. Even with Mr. Yankoski’s detailed account I still cannot imagine the horrors and suffering these people face in their daily existence, many for decades. I was shocked and irritated at the heartlessness and lack of love shown by professing Christians and worse yet churches!
Some have put themselves in this position by their choices as drug addicts and alcoholics, but they still deserve to see the love of Christ and the milk of human kindness. Some are there because of hardship, bad health and mental illness. No matter what their condition, they are still people and souls that hurt and have needs. They are somebody’s child, sibling or parent.
This book also brought to light how these people are hurting so badly and “fixing” them with hard preaching about “Fire & Brimstone” when they are “already suffering:” is not what they need. Yes they need to hear the gospel but they need to see His love in action and find hope.
This book has given me a great desire to reach out to the homeless and never forget they are someone Christ died for. It may not be pleasant or comfortable but it needs to be done. I appreciate the author’s cautions of not going alone and not giving them money. He suggests many ways to help. An excellent book!
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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