Little Star byby Anthony DeStefano

I had mixed reactions to this book. Hands down the illustrations are absolutely beautiful with their combination of vibrant colors and excellent quality.
The story was cute and one children would enjoy. The beginning of the book told of the stars in the heaven all hoping they would be chosen to be the one to shine the brightest the night of Christ’s birth.
As the story of Jesus birth is told, the reaction of the stars is shared also. I liked that an emphasis was put on the fact the King of Kings was born in poor and humble surroundings and not in the wealth and splendor the world expected. The stars as did many during that time doubted His place as King.
However, I would not be able to recommend this book to read to children. I was hoping to share it with my grandchildren and children at church but will not be doing so.
Christ’s birth is such an important event; it concerns me that the book is not biblically accurate. The humble shepherds were the first to honor Him and they are not mentioned. Instead, the common mistake of placing the wise men at His birth is made part of the story. They came when the child was older and to his house, not the stable. The star of His birth did not burn out but continued to shine brightly a couple of more years, leading the Magi to Him. Neither did the star warm baby Jesus.
I was hoping the book would be a Christ-centered one, helping children to be reminded of the true reason for Christmas each time they saw the star atop their holiday tree. Most of all, it disturbs me to make fictional characters part of such a scared Bible story. Children take everything literally therefore I would not want to mislead them concerning God’s Word or the birth of His Son.
In exchange for my honest review, I received a copy of the book from Waterbrook Press Publishers.


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