While Love Stirs By Lorna Seilstad

Charlotte Gregory was young, spirited, and unflinching in standing for what she believed in. As a new, 1910, graduate of Fannie Farmer’s School of Cookery, she passionately wanted to apply and share all that she had learned. Her dream was to be a chef for an upscale restaurant, and eventually have her own. She quickly learned that women chefs were not accepted when she tried to apply for her first job. She alienates herself from the chef even more by being outspoken about the unsanitary conditions of his kitchen.
Angered and discouraged, she heads to the hospital to see her beloved sister who has just had a baby. Surely her new niece will cheer her up. All is well until her sister’s meal tray comes. Charlotte is shocked the “gray gruel and weak tea” that is supposed to be her meal. Once again Charlotte launches into a heated discussion about how recovering and nursing mothers need healthy food to gain their strength. She confronts her sister’s doctor, Joel Brooks. An appointment is made for the following day to discuss the hospital’s dietary inadequacies. He is faced not only with a demanding medical practice but also juggling an impossible budget for his department. Even if he wanted her services he could not afford them and he seriously doubted a “cooking” school graduate had the knowledge. This is the beginning of many confrontations and disagreements with Charlotte and Dr. Joel. Even though they mix like gas and fire, they struggle to deny the growing attraction to each other.
Charlotte has to make a living so she enters a cooking contest and wins! Her prize is the job of traveling around the country giving demonstrations to convince women that the newest invention, the gas stove, was safe, easy, and time saving.
The book had a lot of humor, not the silly slapstick stuff. Moments in the story that definitely gave me a chuckle. I liked the historical information nutrition and meal preparation during that era.
Charlotte, Dr. Brooks, and Charlotte’s youngest sister, Tessa were all faced with difficult situations that tested their moral character and Christian beliefs. Do you follow God or face the loss of something dear to you?
The interactions between the main characters and other people represented many examples of learning to deal with discord and confrontation, with not only patience but through their mistakes. There was also lots of adventure and excitement.
This book was a fun read!
I received this book free from Revell publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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