The Miting By Dee Yoder

I really enjoy reading Amish fiction, and especially did this book. Not that I would want Amish people to have problems, but the idyllic life portrayed in many books is only showing one side of their lifestyle. This book actually addresses questions I have wondered if Amish youth might struggle with.
Seventeen year old Leah loves the life she leads, the closeness of family and community, and traditions. Her friend Martha was in her rumspringen and using that time to experience many sins the world had to offer. Her desire was to leave the Amish permanently. Leah on the other hand had no desire to explore the English world or leave her home. Her rumspringen was one of a spiritual nature.
The Old Order Amish she was a part of were very strict. Until reading this book I was not aware that the Bishop could set rules for the community he was over. Leah’s Bishop was extremely strict. The only Bible they could read was the German one and she didn’t understand it. Dark purple curtains were only allowed in windows, reflective triangles on buggies were sins, yet sexual abuse within a family was dealt with lightly. It wasn’t that way in other Amish communities and Leah wanted to know the “why” behind all the rules.
After secretly attending a Bible Study at the home of an ex-Amish couple, Leah’s eyes are open to the gospel of Christ and the way of salvation. She accepts Christ as her Savior. She realizes following the Ordnung and being a member of the church will not get her to Heaven. She hungers to learn more about God and read His Word. She tries to be open with her parents but they see desire to grow as rebellious and sinful.
The Bishop advises her family to treat her as if she were shunned to give her a wakeup call. Torn between the love of her family and following Christ she feels forced to leave her home. She moves in with the ex-Amish couple and becomes a part of the English world. While she finds it exciting at first she truly misses her family. How can she remain honest and not denounce her true salvation? Homesickness wins out. Leah returns believing God can work in her family’s hearts and she live Amish yet still read her Bible and be true to her new faith.
Her homecoming is a painful shock. Her family still rejects her. The Bishop insists she must give up her Bible. I will not reveal the ending but I learned of the extreme and harsh measures the Amish will take to keep a member from disobeying. The ending is a special surprise!
The book was excellent. It truly made me think about situations all over the world where people are forced to choose between Christ and those they love the most. The story is a beautiful example sacrificing all to take a stand for Him.
I received this book free from Kregal Publishers. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


1 thought on “The Miting By Dee Yoder

  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and post reviews of The Miting. I appreciate your kind words and recommendation, and I’m happy to know you enjoyed the story. 🙂



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