A Home For My Heart by Anne Mateer

If anyone has a heart and understanding for the children at the Raystown Home for Orphan and Friendless Children, it is Sadie Sillsby. She was once one of those children. Her dedication, hard work, and love for the children cannot be matched. While she is very happy to be assistant matron at the orphanage, she is looking forward to marrying her sweetheart, Blaine. They are waiting for him to save enough money to buy land for their new home. Everything is neatly planned out. That is until the head matron resigns to be married herself, as all matrons must remain single. Sadie is appointed new head matron and jumps at the chance, quickly signing the contract before even consulting Blaine.
She is sure he will be surprised and happy because her higher salary will increase his savings toward the land. Well Blaine is surprised, but he is not happy! He wanted to surprise her and he had just signed a mortgage on the land so they could be married right away! Blaine wants Sadie to quit her new job and she feels she is obliged to work for one year. Where would they find a new matron that truly knows the children and the orphanage in such short notice? He tells her she must choose between him and the children. She chooses the children believing it is the right thing to do. Both of their hearts are broken, each believing the other does not truly love them or they would yield.
Very quickly Sadie learns there is much more to being matron than meets the eye. Not only the load of responsibility for the children and running the home, but the severe financial trouble the home is in. The board tells her they must close the home in 1 year unless money is raised to meet its financial needs. She must somehow raise funds and keep the closing a secret from everyone! She also feels she must prove herself because is looked down upon being an orphan herself once. I could feel her pressure and frustration in trying to do everything in her own strength.
She still loves Blaine and the pain of their broken relationship never stops hurting. Then Earl, a dashing, charming representative from the Children’s Aid Society appears, offering his expertise to help her save the home. Is Earl all he professes to be, or has Satan sent his best to confuse Sadie’s affections?
Sadie’s great faith in God and constant prayer, even in the face of defeat and impossibilities leads her through many difficulties and uncertainties. This is a beautiful story learning that circumstances do not always dictate God’s plan for us. Through her trials and suffering Sadie grows and matures. She learns there are people she over looked as she had been overlooked and she judged because of their humble beginnings as she had been judged. Most importantly, she recognizes when you turn everything over to God, He can bring about the perfect solution to our problems in ways we never imagined. A beautifully written book.
I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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