An Amish Miracle by By Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reid, Mary Ellis

When I began my review of this book I didn’t realize it was by three different authors! In fact, I didn’t know until I started the second one. At first I was disappointed because I thought the first story had ended and I was so involved in the characters. I was very happy when I realized the original characters were still a part and at some points a little more of their story unfolded in next novellas. Minor characters from the preceding stories became the main ones in the succeeding ones. They all lived together in a small Amish community in Paradise, Pennsylvania. I assumed with 3 different authors and three different styles, the stories connection would be somewhat disjointed. To my surprise they weren’t! They flowed beautifully together! The book’s three novellas are: Always in My Heart, Always His Providence, and Always Beautiful.
Always in My Heart tells the story of Hope Bowman a young happily married woman with 4 daughters. She longs for a son. After being raped as a teenager, she was forced by her harsh father to give up her first born, a son. She believed the sin of giving him up was why God did not give them a son. After years of carrying her burden she confesses it to her husband. For the first time in years she feels freedom and forgiveness. Her anxious heart is calmed and she turns everything over to God and prays for His will to be done. He works in Hope’s life in a mighty and unexpected way.
Always His Providence begins with the seemly impossible situation a young widow finds herself in. Ruth Hostetler will lose her farm in less than a month if she cannot come up with the back taxes. Her only source of income is selling eggs and even that is threatened. Her pride prevents her from letting her community know she needs help. If she loses her beloved home she must move far away from her friends to live with an aunt. My heart broke for her and I could feel her frustration and hopelessness. At the same time I was frustrated with her for trying to do things in her own strength! In spite of Ruth’s stubbornness, the Lord solves her dilemma in unanticipated ways.
Always Beautiful finds eighteen year Becky Byler facing a problem many young girls deal with, being overweight. She has no friends other than Elam. He is her best friend and has his own physical challenge. Becky feels very self-conscious and alone. So much so she even considers suicide by jumping into the waters of a rampant creek. She prays for God to work a miracle in her life. Much to her joy, she is able to overcome her temptation with food and the pounds begin to fall away. Everything she thought she wanted begins to happen. She loves the way she looks, and the most handsome man in the community, Matt, is dating her, but something still isn’t right. God does work a miracle but not as she envisioned it. He shows her where her true happiness lies.
There are so many spiritual lessons in each novella I would love to share, but then my review would be a spoiler! I even had scriptures pop into my head as I read. One lesson I can share is that we always try to second guess how God will solve our problems. Sometimes we even work out a plan for Him, based on our limited vision. If we only trust Him He will not only take care of us, but also astonish us with His answers! I loved the recipes in the back of the book that were mentioned in the stories! I am still amazed the three different authors wrote this!


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