War on Christmas: Battles in Faith, Tradition, and Religious Expression By Bodie Hodge

This book is not only a treat for the eyes with so many pages of beautiful pictures and meaningful illustrations but it is the best book I have ever read on the biblical truth about Christmas. While extremely in depth it is not a boring or heavy reading. I found it very interesting.
Christians are saddened by the increasing commercialization of Christmas, and the focus on secular customs that draw attention away from Christ. But they might be surprised to find they have fallen into the trap of accepting some of the ideas too! As a born-again Christian that studies my Bible, I was surprised to find some ideas I too had unknowingly accepted! One being that Christ was not born in a stable and the other being, that Mary was not turned away because there was no “room in the inn”.
This book answers numerous questions Christians and non-Christians asked. “Is Christmas a pagan holiday? When was Christ really born?” to name just a few.
Mr. Hodge also addresses the confusion and misconceptions about the holiday that are accepted as fact today.
I appreciate that he doesn’t just stop there. He clearly and biblically presents the true history of the season, and the real reasons we should be celebrating the birth of our Savior. While some of the information is quite in depth, it is written in such a way all of it is easy to understand. I especially like that this is not just the author’s opinions and ideas, but he shows where these truths are in scripture. Lots of scripture! This is so important because it is only by God’s Word that we can compare our lives, beliefs, and choices.
He boldly confronts the error of not only symbols that are associated with Christmas in this day and time, and also where these are actually taking Christ’s place and substituting Him with Satan’s counterfeits. The author is not saying we should stop celebrating the holiday. Instead he shares how to celebrate it in a way that honors the Lord.
Unlike most books and articles on this subject, Mr. Hodge did not bully or condemn what has happened to Christmas, but clearly presents the facts, and allows them speak for themselves. This is a book I will read again and study closer, that I might be able to stand in this battle. It would make an excellent Bible study for a group or Sunday school class. I think it would be wonderful to study with teens to help me know the truth before they are adults and pass the misconceptions onto their children. A very, very good book!
I received this book free from Handlebar Publishing. I received this book free from Handlebar Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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