Under the Rainbow A Mother’s Experience of the Promises of God By Catherine Campbell

This is a remarkable story and beautifully written. I can tell it came straight from Mrs. Campbell’s heart. In her midwife career and still a very young woman, Catherine Campbell was called upon to care for a severely handicap newborn until it died. She put her heart into it, showing all the love and compassion a heart could hold in giving this precious child comfort in its last days. Little did she know, the child she was carrying would face not days but years of suffering, and not only one, but two of her children.
Her first daughter Cheryl was born with microcephaly, rare neurological condition where the baby’s brain does not grow. After 7 months of denying something was wrong the diagnosis hit her like a freight train. Her baby would never be normal. She was blind, could not speak, walk or talk, or even be able to know her mother and father. Her husband was a pastor and she was a strong Christian, but in the face of this devastating news, she struggled with her faith in God. She continued to seek Him and He gave her the strength and peace she needed.
Their 2nd child was a healthy little boy, Paul, but their third child, Joy, also had microcephaly. She was stretched to the limit caring for 3 children, two of which needed round the clock care and were very sick. She worked hard at giving Paul the time and love he needed while meeting the many other health complications and challenges of her daughters. Cheryl lived until she was 13 and Joy until she was 10.
While it might seem like this book was depressing, but it was not. Yes, it was very sad, but the hope and peace of God rang loud and clear throughout it. It was very inspirational.
I loved the way Mrs. Campbell called the promises God gave her in His Word as “rainbows”, referring to the rainbow of promise after the flood of Noah. She did not sugar coat any of her heartaches or doubts. Her honesty helped me relate to the very human emotions and thoughts we have when faced with overwhelming loss in our lives, no matter how strong a Christian we are.
I was blessed to see how she valued her daughters. She did not look at them as burdens or children that should never have been born, but each one as person in their own right. She saw their lives with purpose and significance no matter how different it might be from others. This is how we should view all life given by God. Having lost my husband recently, I treasured the scriptures and poems she shared. Our losses were very different but there are certain common denominators in all grief that I related to. This book gave me courage for the road ahead that I face. I had been struggling in spending time in the Word since my husband died. She shared that was something she made sure she did daily to receive the strength and peace she needed. That spoke volumes to me and I now purpose to do the same.
No this story didn’t have a happy ending but it was an incredible testimony of God’s power and love working through a willing and submitting vessel. My heart is so full after reading this book, not with sorrow but with joy. There is so much more I could share. I strongly encourage everyone to read it, especially if you in a valley of life right now and questioning God. Thank you Mrs. Campbell for this wonderful book!
I received this book free from Kregal Publications. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.
Please visit the author’s website at http://www.catherine-campbell.com to learn more about her and her other books.


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