The Reichenbach Problem By Martin Allison Booth

As a fan of Sherlock Holmes books, I must applaud Mr. Booth on his amazing ability to capture the personality and writing style of the real Arthur Conan Doyle. I felt like I WAS reading Sherlock Holmes.
Fame has proven more than Arthur Conan Doyle can handle so he decides to take a vacation in hopes of finding his family a new home where his celebrity status will not be under such scrutiny. He heads to Switzerland to the peaceful little town of Reichenbach Falls. His grand expectations of an escape into anonymity and peace are shattered when Richard Holloway must share his railroad car and recognizes him. Doyle is annoyed yet polite to his unwanted guest assuming that upon arrival they will go their separate ways. Once the train arrives, Holloway attaches himself to the leery author and even declares them friends to everyone.
Not long after his arrival a man is found dead and it is unknown if he is fell or pushed off a precipice. Pushed by Holloway to investigate the murder, Doyle finds himself being the prime suspect! Father Vernon, the local priest, is very helpful and caring in supporting Doyle, but could he possibly be withholding information?
The writing was rich in detail and description. Not just in what he saw, but also his opinions and perceptions of events and people. A wonderful mystery!
I received this book free from Kregel Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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