A Plain Disappearance By Amanda Flower

This is the first book of Ms. Flower’s I have read and I certainly want to read more! The words, wholesome, clean and Christian aren’t usually associated with a murder mystery, but they all describe this book because it is all of those things and more!
Chloe is a young woman, dating Timothy who left the Amish faith many years ago. His sister Becky followed in her brother’s footsteps and also left. She and Chloe are roommates. With the strong character and trust in God still ingrained him from his Amish raising, Timothy has done very well adjusting to living in the English world. Becky on the other hand is still finding her way, grappling with the changes, choices and freedoms afforded her in this new way of life.
While on a sleigh ride on a winter day the couple stops at an old barn, Timothy’s dog, Mabel, becomes very agitated at something she finds in the snow. They discover the body of a beautiful, popular Amish girl named Katie Lambright. Having helped the police on other murder investigations, the Chief of Police, Rose unofficially, puts Chloe on the case. Even though she is not Amish, Chloe had an uncanny ability communicate with the Amish people and gain their trust. As Timothy and Chloe attempt to track down the murder suspect, they find themselves in serious danger more than once! The suspense was fantastic!
This book had so many wonderful facets. First was the mysterious murder. There were so many twists and turns as the story unfolded. One minute I was sure it was one person, the next another. Soon there would be two suspects and I couldn’t decide for sure which one was guilty. The ending was definitely a surprise!!! I appreciated the lack of blood and gore most murder mysteries have.
The book almost gave a 3 sided view of different lifestyles: the modern, the Amish, and a person caught between the two. I loved the coziness and warmth shared about Amish family daily life and especially the details of their special meals and recipes! I few times it even made me hungry!
Being set during the Christmas holiday’s the contrast of how both groups celebrated was very interesting. Becky’s preparation for her first English Christmas was hilarious. I was also able to experience strain on the families and conflict that arose because their children had chosen to leave their faith. As the story unfolds, the reader learns more about each character’s past, their struggles, and how their faith in God is challenged.
Woven throughout all of this was a wonderful sense of humor. I admire the author for how beautifully she included all these things in the story and was still able to have it flow. This to me is a real talent for writing! A book you definitely want to read!
I received this book free from Handlebar Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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