Letters From Ruby By Rev. Adam Thomas

Very young, wet behind the ears but ready to serve the Lord, Calvin Harper arrives at his first parish in the small town of Victory as their new priest. Being a bit nervous and shy he has no idea what to expect. Morning Prayer is always attended by four quirky, elderly ladies that break him in quickly: Avis, Esther Rose, Mary, and Ruby. From their first awkward meeting he never dreamed the impact these women would have on his life, especially Ruby. She takes the new priest gently under her wing, encouraging, guiding, and teaching him not only about dealing with all the different personalities in his new church, but also about life.
They bond as the story of Calvin navigating the perils of his new ministry unfolds. He grows with Ruby’s help by learning to face each challenge through God’s eyes, not the circumstances he faces. Although Calvin only serves at the church for three years, he grows very close to Ruby and her husband.
When he is assigned to a new church in Boston, Ruby keeps in touch my writing him. These letters are very personal in nature, sharing about her childhood, young adulthood, courtship, and marriage with her beloved husband, Whit. This is where you get a glimpse the World War 2 era through the eyes of the young people of that time. My favorites were the love letters she exchanged with the two soldiers in her life. The poignancy and sensitivity with which the author writes these letters, it is hard to believe they were not real. Her correspondences also reveal the heartaches and hardships faced by senior citizen as they age.
This book was a blessing in several ways. I found it a sheer pleasure to read. Also, Ruby‘s character was such a blessing in her godly, peacemaking attitude in dealing with others, and her great faith and courage in dealing with her own trials. But one of the most surprising ways it touched me was totally unexpected. Some of the women in the story faced the death of their cherished husbands. Their struggles and emotions in comforted me as I had just lost my precious husband a month earlier. This book is beautifully written and touches you on every emotional level you can conceive. Definitely one you want to read!
I received this book free from Abingdon Press. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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