A Simple Change by Judith Miller

This book centers around one of the most interesting historical religious groups I have found, the Amana colonies. Jancey Rhoder is a young, privileged, very happy young woman. The time is 1881, and although she was privileged to receive a very good education, she is content to teach at an orphanage in Kansas City Missouri. The only child of wealthy parents, she has stylish clothes, a beautiful home and a handsome young beau who wants to marry her.
Her perfect world is turned upside down when mother whose health is very bad, takes a turn for the worse. Her parents decide they want to return their home and roots at the Amana Colony in Iowa where they both were raised. She becomes torn between staying with the children and job she loves or going to be with her dying mother. Nathan Woodward, her boyfriend adds to her confusion by trying to pressure into marrying him and staying. The new development in their relationship reveals a selfish, darker side of him that Jancey had not seen before.
Her heart wins out and she moves to the Amana Colony with her parents. While it is very normal and comfortable to them, their daughter must learn to live not only in severe simplicity but with a multitude of rules and conduct guidelines. Though it is a bit of a social shock she works hard at adapting and accepting a new way of life. She is caught totally off guard when she finds herself falling in love with a young man in the colony that is everything Nathan isn’t.
Trying to live the Amana life but making decisions based on her old way of life puts Jancey in some very difficult and even dangerous situations. To complicate matters Nathan shows up to work with the Amana men and to try and convince her to marry him. Living in the colonies away from all the trappings the world she had once enjoyed, Jancey finds herself renewing her relationship with God and turning to Him for the answers she needs. I loved learning more about life in the colonies and how peaceful it was. This book has suspense, romance, mystery, and surprises! A book you WILL want to read!
I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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