Transformed By Tough Times by Steve Reed

I was immediately drawn to the title of this book. We all go through hard times. We want to know that something positive will come from our suffering and it is not all in vain. It is easy for our faith to waver and for us go get our eyes off Christ and on our circumstances. While we know what God’s Word says and we truly believe it, we yearn for extra encouragement. That’s what I found in this book, and the reminder that the Lord is with me every step of the way and has only my good in mind. The author did a wonderful job of making his story very personal to the reader. Although our experiences were not the same, I was able to relate to his feelings and struggles. The entire book was very easy to read and understand.
In the first part of the book Mr. Reed shares his story and trials. He also introduces what he calls, “The Suffering Clause”. What he refers to as “the fine print” we tend to overlook as a Christian, that as a believer in Christ we WILL face problems, not when or if.
I found great reassurance through the many testimonies and scriptures he shared that I will make it through whatever I am facing, and my greatest tool in persevering is prayer! He also helped me see the many purposes in whatever adversity I may experience. I need to guard against doubting God and seek to trust Him and understand what He wants me to learn.
I like the many, many scriptures he shares that directly apply to each idea and concept. In addition to his experiences, he shares the stories of other believers and how they met their trials with courage and faith. I found these very uplifting! His approach to understanding suffering shed new light on accepting what comes my way. Mr. Reed not only gave me a new perspective to my tough times, but also new spiritual and scriptural tools help in cope.
Even if you are not experiencing tough times right now this book can definitely prepare you. If you are in the midst of them, this book is a road map and guide in your journey. A wonderful, very helpful book!
I received this book free from Christian Speaker Services. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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