The Breath of Dawn by

Do not let the size of this book intimidate you! Even though it is 437 pages, you will be done with it before you realize it and wishing it was twice as long! I read at night and found myself staying up way too long to read “just a little more” until I was drooling on my pillow and the book was slipping out of my hand. This is Ms. Heitzmann’s 3rd book in this series. I have read them all. I feel you can easily read it by itself, but if you do, you will definitely want to read the others! The story was also very fast paced and there are no lulls or dull moments. The author has a talent of describing the settings and the characters so vividly that you just naturally picture them in your mind. Your own personal mental movie! I loved the surprise element. Every time I thought I had the next twist in the plot figured out, the story would go in a totally different direction. Morgan Spencer is wealthy, handsome, and after 2 years still deeply grieving the sudden loss of his wife. The only thing to keep him going is his 2 year old daughter Livie. His brother Rick and his wife Noelle have helped him but he feels it is time for him and Livie to create a life of their own. He buys a deceased neighbor’s house to make the transition. Quinn is hired by the neighbor’s daughter to cull through the home and sell whatever is of value, not knowing Morgan has purchased it as is. Morgan and she are thrown together when he makes a surprise visit to inspect his new home. Meeting her stirs feelings in Morgan he never thought he would have again. Surprisingly his daughter is quite taken with her too. Quinn has lived the last four years in fear and hiding. Her testimony sent a very wicked man to jail. She finds out he is out of prison and looking for her to seek revenge. When Morgan learns of her need for anonymity and protection, he impulsively proposes marriage, strictly business of course. She will remain safe and he will have someone to take care of his child. No strings attached. Neither of them are prepared for what is to come. Both must learn to hope and love again, letting go of their pain from the past. As problems arise, Morgan finds his faith in God and biblical truths to come alive as Quinn struggles to trust God and others again. This is beautiful story of unexpected love, healing, and learning to let go of the past. Add to all this, the romance, suspense and mystery and you have a fantastic book! You will want to read this one! I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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