Short-Straw Bride

I have to say I have never read a Christian fiction like this and I loved it!!! There was humor, romance, drama and surprisingly some real romp’n stomp’n action! I read it in 2 days and most of that time was when I was supposed to be sleeping! I couldn’t put it down!
When Meredith was ten years old it was a known fact you never step foot on Archer land or you would be shot on sight. On a school yard dare she stepped on the land and found herself caught in an animal trap. Young Travis Archer found her, rescued her and carried her home. That one meeting and act of kindness spurned a school girl crush that lasted into her young adulthood.
The Archer brothers weren’t bad, just fearful. Having lost both of their parents when they were very young, Travis, the oldest, took on the role of protector and father to his brothers. He had taken that role very seriously. The four brothers had been living as bachelor/hermits their whole lives. Their childhood terror of having someone take their land from them had grown into an all-out war toward those on the outside. The last thing on their minds was a woman.
The Archer land was prime land for the railroad and Meredith over hears a plot to attack them and take their land. With her love for Travis and wanting to repay his good deed 12 years ago, she risks all and goes onto their land at night.
As you can imagine they aren’t overly happy to see her, even with the important news she brings, but most of all the very presence of a woman sends their lives into a tail spin! Through some ill-fated incidents, Meredith ends up staying on the ranch for several days. Being noble men, the brothers are determined to save her reputation. The only plan they can come up with to see who the groom will be is to draw straws. Travis draws the short straw and becomes her husband. Both have a strong relationship with God and desire to please Him in all they do. Will this be the common bond in a relationship that has nothing in common?
This book with all its humor and fun has some very strong lessons in turning our preconceived plans and ideas over to God. Travis and Meredith show how we can be too focused what “we” think we should be doing, and listening to God and letting Him guide.
I would absolutely love to see future books on the lives of each of the brothers. This book is a must read!
I received this book free from Bethany House Publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255


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