A Perfect Pet for Peyton By Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne

Gary Chapman’s The 5 Languages of Love is a classic and still much read book. I was very excited when I saw this book because now that same concept could be taught to children. This will not only help them learn to relate to each other but also the adults in their life. How wonderful they can learn and apply it at an early age.
Penny and Peyton have their birthday party with their 3 friends at the “Perfect Pet Pal Emporium.” It is every child’s dream come true because it is a zoo, a museum, a theme park, and a birthday party palace all rolled into one! The 5 languages of love are taught through the special pets each child receives as a gift. The pet each child is given matches his or her love language.
The book itself is beautiful. All the illustrations are brightly colored and well drawn. There are also lots of details in the pictures that not only cause the young ones to want linger, but they serve another purpose. Many of the pages have activities to search for certain items on that page. For example, one page has underwater creatures listed to find, making this a learning experience also. Another fun activity is on every big picture in the book is an insect to find. These are pretty small and it is a challenge! I even had fun with this one. At the end of the book is a “Five Love Languages Quiz for Kids”, with questions to help them identify their love language. A well written, fun book to read over and over!
I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of this


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