Secrets of the Heart By Jillian Kent

Right away I will say this was a remarkable read!!  This is the first historical, romance, thriller, mystery Christian novel I have ever read!   As I began reading I thought it was a good book and I really enjoyed it.  Then it was like a roller coaster of suspense and surprises, one after another.  I read to relax at bedtime and I stayed up till 2 a.m. two nights in a row because I just HAD to see what happened next. 

Madeline Whittington, a young woman who has faced devastating losses in a short time.  The death of her two sisters, her brother and her father had left her numb with grief and even bitterness against the medical profession and God.  She no longer has an interest in the privileged, wealthy life she was accustomed to.

When she is injured in a riding accident handsome young Devlin Greyson is on hand to help and care for her.  Her attraction to him soon turns to anger when she realizes he was the doctor caring for her father the night he died.  The very doctor she has believed is responsible for her father’s death. 

Devlin is fighting his own battles.  As the Earl of Rayensmoore his pursuit of a medical career is frowned upon by the elite of English society.  He bravely battles rejection of his peers and doubt because of his belief it is God’s will for his life.

I found the references to medical practice in the 17th century very interesting.  Most shocking was the appalling treatment of the mentally ill and conditions they lived in as patients of what were referred t then as insane asylums then. 

There were strong spiritual lessons throughout the book. One was the assurance that when the pain and despair of life’s circumstances overwhelm us and God seems far away, He has never left us and is still by our side.  Also the courage to obey and do God’s will no matter what others may think or say. 

I highly recommend this book to everyone!   You will definitely want more and will not be disappointed.  At the end of the book is the first chapter of the sequel to be published in 2012!

Special thanks to Anna Coelho Silva | Publicity Coordinator, Charisma House | Charisma Media for sending me a review copy.




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