Courageous by Randy Alcorn


I have enjoyed all the movies from Sherwood Baptist Church, so I was anxious to read this book before the movie came out.   I enjoyed this book on many levels. 

First of all, since 9-11 there has been a new awareness of the sacrifices our policemen and firefighters make to serve us.  This gave me a very in depth and personal look at the even greater sacrifices and struggles they face with their jobs and their families.  Not only did I find it very insightful but it brought me to an even higher level of appreciation.

The police officers in the book came into contact daily with horrible sin and human depravity.  The story shows how difficult it was to leave work and not have these things affect them and their attitude.  Also the greater challenge of remaining a Christian while facing such difficulties. 

Secondly, what Fireproof did for marriages this book does for parenting.  I loved the way they wove scripture, biblical principles and applications into the intimate lives of the families.  There was so much to learn, the book really needs to be read more than once!  It gave not only the ideas but steps to implement to be the parent God wants you to be and for men to be the leaders of their families God intended. 

The story line was so real that at times I had to remind myself it was fiction. 

I cannot begin to stress how enjoyable this book was, and add to that the bonus all the valuable lessons and scripture.  I can’t wait to see the movie now!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review


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