Amy Inspired By Bethany Pierce

Amy will soon turn 30.  All she can think about is her lifelong dream of publishing her writings, but all she gets is rejection letters one after another.  Her teaching position at a local college was supposed to be temporary, but it has been two years now.

She is confused and discouraged about her life in general.  To add to her frustrations her eccentric, totally opposite roommate, Zoe moves her friend, mysterious and handsome Eli in, “temporarily”.  This sets off a myriad of emotions in Amy.  Complications, upsets and disappointments forces Amy to take a long hard look at herself and see her flaws. 

The author has a gift for vividly conveying the characters feelings and experiences.  At times I felt like I was Amy and at others like I was a fly on the wall watching all the characters. 

There was one aspect of this book I was disappointed in.  I don’t think it should have been labeled Christian fiction.  While nothing was graphic there were quite a few references to lust and sexual intimacy that I do not expect to find in a Christian book. 

 I kept waiting for Amy to turn back to God and biblical standards, but it never happened. There were smatterings of reference to her faith, but God wasn’t strongly represented in the novel.   None of these sexual references had anything to do with the plot and the book would have been much better without them. 

In exchange for my honest review, I received a copy of the book from Bethany House Publishers.



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