A Journey to Victorious Praying By Bill Thrasher

After reading Mr. Thrashers book, Putting God Back Into the Holidays, I was anxious to read this book. 

He is one of the very best non-fiction writers I have ever read.  Prayer is an area in my Christian walk I strive to learn more about and become more efficient in.  While I have read many books on prayer, I have never read one quite like this.  It is nothing short of amazing!

You aren’t just reading a book you are doing a Bible study and reading large amounts of scripture all at the same time.  There is no doubt that what he is sharing comes straight from scripture.  I like all the biblical references.

While this book guides you in how to have a strong prayer life, it isn’t just a “How to” book. 

I found myself looking at prayer and the discipline of it in ways I never have before.  Just one of many special insights I learned was allowing temptation as a motivation to pray, but not in the way you normally think.  For example, if you are tempted by impure thoughts, let that be a motivation to pray for the purity of your children. 

The book made me dig deep within myself and see what I needed to do.  I liked the fact that each chapter was short and so well written and packed with knowledge that you gleaned a huge amount.  Thoughtful questions at the end helped guide me further in my personal study. 

The Personal Journal guide in the back for each chapter was very helpful in further looking at my prayer life and areas of weakness.  The Appendix 1 of selected prayers from the Bible is a springboard for a whole other study for me.  Appendix 2 of ideas to stimulate prayer was very helpful in further applying what I had learned.

I can’t praise this book enough.  If you truly care about having a productive disciplined prayer life you must read this book.  Thank you Mr. Thrasher for another great book that has helped me grow as a Christian.

In exchange for my honest review, I received a copy of the book from Moody Publishers.



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